Wedding Destinations: St. Lucia

Wedding Destinations: St. Lucia

You want your wedding day to be one you and your guests will truly remember. But, if you are looking for something beyond the standard, a destination wedding will be exactly what you want. Welcome to this ongoing series, where I’ll share the best wedding destinations, how to get there, possible excursions after the big day, and everything in between. Our first stop is St. Lucia.

Why St. Lucia?

St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean Sea. It is known for its gorgeous scenery, good weather, and stunning beaches. It is well known for the beautiful Piton Mountains and some of the best snorkeling. Take a moment and close your eyes. Imagine saying “I do” on a beach with stunning mountains as the backdrop!

How to get there

Traveling from south-central Pennsylvania couldn’t be any easier. You’re looking at about a five-hour flight to get there. Once you arrive, many visitors get around the island via taxi. However, if you want a bit more travel freedom, you could rent a car or scooter. If you choose this option, you must obtain a temporary driver’s license.

St. Lucia weather

Before booking the dates for your wedding, take some time to understand the weather pattern in St. Lucia. Your best bet is to book your trip in the December to April window. Avoid the rainy season, especially if you want your wedding outdoors. These are all things we can discuss when planning. The bonus of using me for your wedding planning is I am also a travel agent!

Choosing the venue

There are many gorgeous locations throughout the island to hold your wedding. Even though St. Lucia is one of the smaller Caribbean islands, it is full of fantastic wedding options. So, when you are ready to start planning, let’s discuss the many possibilities available to you!

Things to know

You have two options for getting married in St. Lucia. First, you can legally marry in the United States in a small ceremony and then follow up with a symbolic wedding in St. Lucia. This will avoid the fees and legal requirements necessary for the legal ceremony in St. Lucia. If you choose to do the entire ceremony in St. Lucia, you will need your passports and birth certificates. To obtain a marriage license, you should do so within 24 hours of arriving. This will cost you 335 East Caribbean dollars (roughly $125 USD). If you wait, you can obtain a same-day license, but the cost goes up to 540 East Caribbean dollars (approximately $200 USD).

If you have in mind a wedding like no other, let’s connect and explore the possibilities of a St. Lucia dream wedding!