Table Setting Checklist

One of the central pieces of your reception will be one that is fret over the most. Your table settings will be one of the first things guests see when they enter the reception. Many elements go into creating the perfect wedding table setting. To help, I’ve gathered a list of ideas that can help you envision a stunning arrangement. Best of all, these ideas can also be applied to any at-home or holiday event you may plan in the future! 

Choose a color palette

One of the first things to choose before getting into the details of your table settings is to choose a color. Start with your favorite color and then build from that with various tones. Next, add various textures to that palette, and you’ll have an eye-catching base for your place settings. 

Place cards

Knowing where they are sitting is usually top of mind for your guests. Also, you spent a lot of time arranging the seating chart, so you should take the time to get everyone where they need to be. How many Instagram posts have you seen with standout place cards? Place cards are a must, whether with a classic-looking card or something unique like seashells, keychains, or leaves.

Flowers, flowers, flowers

Everybody loves flowers, and your table settings are no different. However, keep in mind that the floral arrangements don’t need to be overly expensive or extravagant. A single flower with a sprig of herb or a piece of greenery is all that is needed to add a “life” to each table.  


Lighting creates ambiance and warmth in any setting. With this in mind, fill the center of the table with lights. A great way to achieve this is to arrange clusters of votive candles or set up candelabras set up at different heights. 


Adding layers to a place setting can be as simple as combining linen napkins and menu cards. Consider adding a place card and floral accent. Anything that adds variety and interest via size, color, and texture is a win. Scale up or down based on the size of your budget.  

Be Creative!

Don’t be afraid to try something a little different. Have fun and be creative. People love attending weddings and usually never forget ones that have a personal feel and reflect the bride and groom. Personal touches you add go a long way with your guests. It will make them feel loved and a part of your special day. Combine your style with your partners for a truly unique experience for everyone.

When in doubt, bring in help

Let’s face it there is a lot to prepare for when it comes to your wedding day. Not only are there the details of the wedding ceremony itself but there’s the after party. So if you need someone with a listening ear and a helping hand, drop me a line, and let’s talk about how together we can make your wedding day memorable.