How to Start Planning Your Wedding

Your engagement is perhaps one of the most exciting and unforgettable times you will have in your life. You will find yourself in the midst of preparing to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. This joy will culminate in your special day that will be capped off with a much-deserved joyous celebration with family and friends.

I’ve talked to many brides who are both excited, and a bit scared about the daunting task ahead of them when it comes to planning their wedding and reception. The most common question is, “How do I start planning my wedding?” This is a great question, and thankfully there are answers. Know that you don’t have to go it alone. Below are a few tips to start your wedding planning.

Dream Big

Start your wedding planning journey by dreaming up the craziest ideas you can for your special day. The sky really is the limit. Get a simple wedding planner or journal and write down everything that comes to mind in the early stages of planning. Don’t leave anything out – the

color scheme and theme are the biggest. What do you want to feel and experience on what will be, up to that point, the biggest day of your life. Journal it for reference.

Determine What’s Most Important

So, you’ve dreamed big and thrown all your ideas to paper. Now it’s time to get a little realistic. What are the most essential items to you? Is the menu high on your list? Do you prefer live music, or will a DJ do? Are you someone who likes luxurious floral arrangements? This is the step where a wedding planner will prove to be very valuable. They can help you narrow the dream list into a reality list.

Set Your Budget

Now that you have a vision and narrowed it down to your must-haves, it’s time to talk money. Budgeting is a must for a few reasons. First and foremost, make sure you don’t break the bank. Secondly, having a firm budget you stick will help you avoid needless stress during the planning stages. Once you have that budget set, you can easily hand it off to your wedding planner to work with.

Determine Dates

Have a list of a few options of dates for your wedding day. This will allow you to have some planning flexibility when it comes to picking the final venue as well as service providers such as the DJ.

Start Looking for Vendors – With Help

A good wedding planner can help you sail through this process as well, taking a huge load off your shoulders. Wedding planners will already have connections with every vendor you could need for your event. They will also know who to avoid, have some experience with other events, and see how various vendors meshed with their clients.

The Day Has Arrived

Often a wedding planner will accompany you throughout your planning journey. They will also handle coordinating everything on your special day. This allows you to sit back, relax, and take everything in. Enjoying the day and the ones you decided to share it with. If you are looking for this level of service and relief, then let’s discuss planning the wedding of your dreams!