2023 Wedding Trends You’ll Want to Use

2023 Wedding Trends You’ll Want to Use

The warmer months are just around the corner, which can mean only one thing, Wedding season has arrived! Soon some of us will be dress shopping, indulging in cake, and celebrating with friends and family. While traditions are important when it comes to wedding planning, new trends can also be worth considering. So let’s take a look at some of the 2023 wedding trends I’ve been reading about and can’t wait to incorporate.


Sustainability is nothing new but it has become a priority for today’s couples. It can take shape in different forms, from planning a local wedding to reduce travel or seeking out eco-friendly floral arrangements that can then be donated or gifted to guests. Some may even look at creating a menu that is comprised of food all produced locally. The idea is to support local businesses and let nothing go to waste.

Weekend-long Weddings

On the opposite of the spectrum are weekend-long excursions. These weddings offer special experiences to guests. Think travel getaways to luxurious locations (LINK TO ST LUCIA ARTICLE) that offer something for everyone. This trend has been on the uptick since the coronavirus shutdowns of 2020 as people look to put the bad memories of that experience behind them and forge a new exciting path forward.

Increased Wedding Budgets

Despite all the talk of recession, wedding budgets are going up. But why? Couples tend to be getting married at an older age, meaning they have an established nest egg to work with. In turn, this means they can splurge on extravagance, including meals and top-notch service.

Tech is in

There is evidence of a generational shift when it comes to planning a wedding, all because of technological advances. The tech generation is now getting married, and they have never known a world that did not include the internet, social media, and immediate gratification. In addition, nearly 70% of businesses are using online platforms for payment collection, and scheduling, so those not utilizing these tools will find themselves quickly left behind.

Candid photos

Not only can the current generation be called the tech generation, but they are also the selfie generation. Known for quick candid shots they share across social media, this style and flair also apply to wedding photos. Couples are no longer focused on the perfect wedding shot with well-placed poses. Instead, they are all for having their day captured with minimal inference and rather capturing candid interactions and scenes.

Disposable cameras are back

What was once old is new again. Once upon a time, a disposable camera was commonplace for guests to use at every table. For a time, those disappeared. Now disposable cameras are coming back. Though film and photo development is a bit on the higher end, many are at least providing disposable cameras to their wedding party to capture even more candid shots.

Want to integrate these 2023 trends into your wedding? Let’s discuss how we can do these and more to make your special day one to remember!